Project Details


Seismic Vulnerability of the building according to the NSR-10


Type of steels and dimensions of the foundation, columns and beams


Constructive process of reinforcement of the structure


Design and finalization of the reinforced structure

Project Description

It was designed and calculated in concrete portico columns, with isolated footings and concrete stairs.



Steel structure

Shoring of the entire existing structure

masonry and slabs

Cutting of existing masonry and slabs for the construction of columns

Reinforcing beams

Cuts in the existing slabs to be able to melt the reinforcing beams

Columns and beams

Columns and beams of the reinforcing structure

Structural reinforcement

The shoring must be fully vertical and aligned from top to bottom

Construction process of the foundation

Schemes of the construction process of the foundation

Column Shoe

Column Shoe details

Cutting of the masonry

Cutting of the masonry to melt columns

Beam, column, and slab reinforcement

Columns and beams of the reinforcing structure process