Gonzalo Gomez Ingenieros

Our team headed by engineers Gonzalo Gomez D and Gonzalo Gomez C have extensive knowledge in Structural Design Calculations, and have experience thanks to various projects in different cities of Colombia and international projects in Mexico and the United States.

Always motivated by customer satisfaction and continuous improvement with training in various areas of engineering, our projects are well received in the field of Civil Engineering and structural engineering, generating support and total confidence to our customers.

ingenieros estructurales

Our services

We design and calculate all types of buildings in concrete, steel, masonry and/or wood within the quality standards that we offer our customers.

Our detailed services
Structural Design Calculations
Structural rehabilitation study
Structural analysis
Structure modeling
Structural plans design
Structural plans digitalization
Preparation of material specifications
Structural appraisal
Structural reinforcement design
Elaboration of structural documents (memory and reports)
Structural optimization study
Study of structural seismic vulnerability
Advice on seismic analysis
Supervision of studies and designs
Advice for structural projects
External review for projects over 2000 m2
Consulting and supervision in construction
Construction license consultancy
Accompaniment in process of curatorship for building permits
Planning and evaluation of projects
Accompaniment in the feasibility stages for special projects
Types of buildings and construction
Constructions for rural and urban housing
Country houses
Single-family or multi-family houses
Buildings of all kinds
Buildings of indispensable use
Institutional, educational, industrial and governmental buildings
Buildings for commercial use
New and existing structures
Structures for the Industrial Sector
Foundation for equipment and machinery
Vehicular and pedestrian bridges
Arcs and booths
Pontoons and walls
Kiosks and social lounges
Swimming pools
Gonzalo Gomez Ingenieros